[ANN] blogc-0.19.0

I just released version 0.19.0 of blogc.

This release includes the following changes:

  • blogc(1) now accepts multiple -e command-line arguments, to allow declaration of multiple listing_entry template blocks. See blogc-template(7) for details. This is not supported by blogc-make(1), it only accepts one file as listing_entry setting.
  • blogc(1) now supports a listing_empty template block, that is displayed only when the the listing set is empty. See blogc-template(7) for details.
  • Fixed a race condition in blogc-make(1)'s runserver command.
  • Minor adjustments in blogc-make(1) atom feed generation.
  • Some other minor bug fixes.

For download links, project details and a FAQ, please visit https://blogc.rgm.io.