[ANN] blogc-0.16.1

I just released version 0.16.1 of blogc.

This is a bug fix release for blogc-make(1), with the following changes:

  • blogc-make(1) was implementing atom feeds wrong for long time. Atom IDs are supposed to be valid URIs. This is a small but breaking change. It is supposed to make some clients think that all of the old posts were republished. The public aggregators using my blogs' feeds do not republished anything, though.
  • atom_legacy_entry_id isn't supported by blogcfile(5) anymore. There's no point in officially supporting broken IDs. If you need it, please run the same command provided before.

This release is only relevant for users relying on blogc-make(1) AND using default atom feed templates. Users with custom atom templates may also want to make sure that their feeds are valid, though.

Users wanting to make sure that this release won't change their feeds, can run the following command before upgrading (it assumes that templates are stored in templates/ and that is using the default internal atom template):

$ blogc-make atom_dump > templates/atom.tmpl

and add atom_template = atom.tmpl to [settings] in your blogcfile(5).

Please keep in mind that when using the old feed template your atom IDs are invalid.

For download links, project details and a FAQ, please visit https://blogc.rgm.io.