[ANN] blogc-0.16.0

I just released version 0.16.0 of blogc.

This release includes the following changes:

  • Added new template block listing_entry, to include the content of a source file on a listing page. This is useful if the user wants to have an index page with posts listing and some content together. See blogc(1) (description of -e option) and blogc-template(7) for details.
  • Adapted blogc-make(1) to support the new listing_entry block. See blogcfile(5) for details.
  • Changed blogc(1) -p option to be able to retrieve values from entries, instead of just listings. Any variables that can be used in templates are available, including CONTENT, that contains the HTML generated from the source file.

For download links, project details and a FAQ, please visit https://blogc.rgm.io.