[ANN] blogc-0.14.0

I just released version 0.14.0 of blogc. This is a release, that includes some changes, mostly in blogc-make(1):

  • Allow usage of empty values for the *_prefix settings in blogcfile(5)
  • Fixed some bugs in the default Atom feed template. This includes a change in the algorithm that generates Atom IDs for every post. Users upgrading to this version may want to set atom_legacy_entry_id to true in blogcfile(5), to avoid re-sharing posts due to the ID changes.
  • Allow usage of custom Atom feed templates. Users can dump the default template to use as base for customizations, using blogc-make(1) atom_dump rule.
  • Minor fixes to prevent segfaults.

For download links, project details and a FAQ, please visit https://blogc.rgm.io.